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this love is for you!

Father God loves you!  This a fact which will never change.  No matter how you have hurt Him, no matter how you have hurt yourself, no matter how you have hurt others, Father God still loves you.


Unfortunately, we exist in a corrupted world, what started out perfect is no longer that way, what happened?  Mankind decided to give up on God’s ways - of course we thought we knew better, and started doing life on our own.  But when you leave God out, bad things happen, people started hurting people, lies, anger, fights, rape, murder, the list goes on and on.  We’re all guilty, usually of most of the list, sometimes of all the list (come on, you know you have done it at least mentally).  This makes us all guilty and worthy of punishment.


Now God is not only loving but He is “Holy”, meaning He is without wrongdoing Himself and in fact His very nature cannot tolerate being anywhere near that wrongdoing.  That means we are in a world of hurt, there is no human way possible to restore any kind of relationship with God, and without that relationship with God our lives cannot last, we will be eternally lost and separated from Him.  Now that is scary, but remember, it’s not His fault, we were the ones who screwed things up.

But God’s great love came up with a plan to restore that relationship with you so that you can be eternally united in life with Him.  That plan was to send His son Jesus to be born and to walk on this earth.  Jesus experienced what we experience, joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain, good days and bad days.  Jesus was tempted to do every evil, He was hungry and full, dirty and clean – yes even dirty diapers.  And yet, Jesus was able to live his life without any wrongdoing, not even so much as one little white lie.  His reward? Jesus was hated by all in authority, he was whipped, beaten, tortured, mocked, spat upon and killed in the worst possible way, nailed to a cross. 


What could that possibly achieve?  Jesus died in place of you, he was without wrongdoing, you (and me) have been full of wrongdoing.  Jesus took that penalty, that punishment, He sacrificed himself.  Justice was served.   Then the most powerful thing to ever rock this earth happened – Jesus came back from the dead.  There was an incredible power released when he died on that cross, the price was paid and life was released, God overcame death, then, now and forever.


Now you can live and have relationship with Father God. But it takes a decision, you have to accept this gift of life, and in return you give your life to God.  It’s not as simple as just saying “I believe” - it’s changing your direction, choosing to walk away from wrongdoing and into the loving arms of Father God, not your earthly father who hurt you, but the perfect love of God who cannot hurt you and whose only desire is to see you loved and whole.  It won’t be easy, but it will be good.  This might cost you everything, friends, family, riches or poverty, lifestyle, it will be a change of what you value and your very approach to life.  Yes, it’s worth it!  Love, peace, joy will flood your very being and you will live a life that overflows to those around you.  You will have conversations with God, and know that He hears you and that He knows who you are, individually, unconditionally, through your good days and bad days.  On those days that you feel far away from Him, He will remind you that He is there, with you.


So make that decision now, just call out to God, you can use these words, or better yet say it your way…


Father God, thank you for your great love for me.  I recognize my wrongdoing and that you sent your son Jesus to pay the penalty for that.  Please forgive me, I need you now.  Jesus, I realize that you are truly God, His son and I turn my life over to you.  You’re in charge starting right now.  Thank you!


Now Father, I pray that you will fill this new child of yours with a great sense and awareness of your presence in their life.  Right now, this very second pour love, peace and joy into them.  Send them reminders of your love at the moments that they least expect it and strength to overcome the perils of this world.


Please send me an email about your decision, I would love the opportunity to be in touch and to send you a few things to help you along on your new journey with Him.    Pastor Fred

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