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We are simply ones who have responded to the amazing love of Father God, His son Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  We have been so moved by His grace, forgiveness and compassion towards us that we can’t help but let His river of life flow out of us towards you. We all have our struggles, but when we let Jesus, He will bring deep levels of healing and new found freedom into our life - this is the amazing truth we can offer you.  Come with us, let's build a relationship with God together.  

Fred & Susan

Fred & Susan were living in Anacortes, Washington, when God showed Fred in a dream a new place to live and to serve. A trip down in the spring confirmed that Chico, California, was indeed to be our new home and plans were started to make the move.  That July we packed up and headed our family south on the new adventure that God had in store for us. Fred started his new job the day after they arrived and Susan was settled into her new job by October. For two years, Father God worked on our hearts, literally breaking us down and putting us back together. 

robert & teresa

Robert grew up without much knowledge that God existed.  He lived life to what he thought was the fullest.  He played hard and eventually became addicted to drugs and alcohol.  It cost him his home, his relationship with his parents, siblings, wife, daughter and eventually his reason for living.  He found himself wanting to die.  He became homeless and really saw no reason to live. 

Robert & Teresa, Church of the Homeless Jesus
Fred & Susan, Church of the Homeless Jesus
Brandon & Brie, Church of the Homeless Jesus
Brandon & Brie

I am extremely thankful I have never been homeless, and I can only imagine the stress it can cause.  As a child, my parents moved all the time.  They were always looking for something better, which usually included moving houses.  I figured it out one time that I had moved 28 times by the time I was 18. 

David & Neville, Church of the Homeless Jesus
david & neville

Neville is from Blackpool, England, he has been in the US for 6 months attending the School of Ministry at the Father's House Church in Oroville.  In England he runs a Soup Kitchen serving those in need, we have been blessed to have him serve with us here while he continues his schooling.  Neville has a heart of gold and enjoys his time with you.  With your help he might even learn to speak proper "English"! 

David graduated from the school of Ministry at the Father's House Church last year, he is currently working in the culinary department at a Senior Care Facility in Chico.  David has a strong character and a heart that is passionate for Jesus and for those around him.  

Who we are

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